Speech Is A Bit Nerve Wrecking Essay

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Presenting a speech can always be a bit nerve wrecking for some because there is so much that goes into giving a presentation. When first presenting you need to fouls of who your acutance is because that is what will shape your speech. Other components to focus on in a speech is your introduction as you want to start of powerful and captivating. Next you have the structure of your speech, the content, and making sure your correctly sighting your content. This helps helps inform your audience and helps them to gain trust in what your saying when you sight reliable outside sources. And finally you have your delivery and visual aids. Delivery is always important as many people based judgment of your preparation, look, tone of voice, and even your body language. You visual aid are there to enhance your speech and not distract from it, this helps the audience to follow along with your presentation. This paper shows the reflection of how I feel I performed in all of the above ares of a speech. With an introduction there are five parts that one needs to focus on and they are an attention getter, the main topic being addressed (thesis), establishing credibility, relating your topic to the audience, and previewing the main points. The reason these five components are so important is because this will set the tone of how your audience perceives you and the rest of your speech. D. Joel Whalen states in his book, The Professionals Communication Toolkit, that “It is critical to

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