Speech Is A Double Edged Sword

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For years growing up a common nursey rhyme was taught to children when dealing with bullies or feelings of self-doubt; “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. This mantra has been passed down from generation to generation to show how to rise above those who may try to limit others through negative speech, it’s given the empowerment to overcome the aggressor, but also given the illusion that “words” are not damaging. Speech is one of the most powerful tools a human can hold, with it our limitations are endless. From comedy to inspiration, the words we use are able to send messages to one another to either help us or lead us in the right direction, however speech is a double edged sword. Mockery, manipulation, neglect, exploitation, cruelty and mistreatment muddle the waters of what can be said to one another. Words are able to hurt, they are able to bruise, and they are able to leave scars on us, that while not visible, are deeply rooted within us. In today’s modern society we have placed emphasis on dispelling physical abuse, marital or spousal abuse and sexual abuse, but what about verbal abuse? Where do we draw the line between a two people getting in a communicative battle and words becoming their weapon of choice. Words hold a fundamental property and weight to them, they are our basis for interactions and connections, with every person who holds the ability to speak they also hold the capacity to change whatever environment they are in as…

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