Speech Is The Effective Form Of A Culture

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Speech is the effective form of a culture. Poetry enhances the effectiveness of speech if it didn’t then why do communication teachers do things like have you look outside the window and write a poem about what you see in class? Poetry helps you step outside the box be more creative it allows you the chance to speak and so does spoken word which is another form of poetry that I will discuss later in the essay. Poetry was very relevant during times like ancient Greece .If you mention the names Homer, Shakespeare and Sophocles then you will notice people are mostly familiar with those poets. Although the work they created was long ago they would still remember are known they are a famous figure in history. Even during their times they were know figures. Today in the 21st century poetry is dead nobody no longer wants to hear it understand it or listen to it; it doesn’t matter. Poetry was a form of literature that was once a potent drink that has now become diluted. Literature helps us understand and make sense of the world around us. Through literature, we explore the human condition and analyze how and why people think the way they think and feel the way they feel. Literature enables us to develop our minds analytically and promotes open minds. We see the world through the eyes of different writers from different cultures and in turn learn the ways to deal with things happening around us. Without literature, we lack insight and understanding of human nature.
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