Speech Is The First Achievements For Everyone After Being Born

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Speech is one the first achievements for everyone after being born, but it is not fine-tuned to communicating until maturity. Being able to communicate properly and effectively is not easy to do because it require patience and willingness to learn. Communication is the interaction between individuals where information is exchanged to understand one another; It allows to empathy and leads to resolutions to conflicts, which is why an officer’s capacity to communicate efficiently and calmly with others is of paramount importance. Communication can become problematic when there are cultural differences such as language barriers and cultural background, especially in a diverse multicultural country such as Canada. Traditions and behavior can also produce problems when understanding each other. Moreover, culture is not solely differences in nationality; it also refers to lifestyle differences, and thus can transcend culture and race. Nowadays, people live in a technological world; where it is common to see people in a restaurant staring at the phones instead of chatting with each other. It is rare to see people talking to each other because of technology, and less information is being exchanged in a more meaningful manner. As a result of all these factors, communication is proven to be a necessary and vital skills that helps officer’s reach solutions and work efficiently alongside other officers and citizens alike. Most police officers need to interact with different culture
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