Speech Is The Major Vehicle Of Human Communication

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Introduction: Speech is the major vehicle of human communication through which ideas and thoughts are conveyed by the speakers to the listeners. During this process, the conveyed message is heard, understood and the meaning is extracted. Here, it is important to distinguish between Hearing, Listening and Perception. Hearing is the sensation of sound. Sounds produced by a source are transmitted through a medium and into the ears of the listener which converts vibrational energy into neural impulses which travel to the brain. Listening is the act of paying attention to the spoken word, not only in hearing symbols but also reacting with understanding. A person with normal hearing sensitivity may have poor listening skills which may result in poor Speech Perception. Unlike hearing which is an innate process, listening is an acquired skill. Perception involves identification, categorization and integration of input from various sources so as to make sense from one’s environment. Interactions with one’s environment provides information about - how stimuli result in different sensations in different modalities, meaningfulness of different stimuli and their relevance in the environment. We organize perception and experiences into different categories thereby making it easy to establish order in the world and by identifying relationships shared by elements in the environment. It basically involves hearing, interpreting and comprehending all of the sounds produced by a speaker.
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