Speech, Language And Communication

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How play/activities are used to support the development of speech, language and communication
Encouragement is an important tool for helping children develop in their language and communication skills and should be used as much as possible. Adults will need to give children the opportunity to take part in speaking and listening for many different purposes and situations and this can be achieved either in a whole class or small group setting Language is important in these roles and we should encourage them by asking them to talk about their own ideas.
As well as encouragement, play can experiences can enhance all areas of development and can be directed specifically to address individual areas such as speaking and listening, or can be used more generally to support all. Through play activities children will use their speech, language and communication skills whilst interacting in a relaxed and fun environment and they will learn more about themselves and others around them.
Even as they grow older children will still need to be given the chance to enjoy activities and equipment which support their play, creativity and learning across the curriculum. It is important that they are given the opportunity to use their own initiative whilst working with others to help them develop in all areas. This can be used to best affect when children are introduced to new ideas I practical, imaginative and stimulating ways. It can be very beneficial to give children a project or get them
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