Speech Language And The Deaf World Essay

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Throughout time, Speech Language Pathologists and the Deaf World have had a less than amicable relationship. Audism—the belief that hearing makes an individual superior—has been prevalent throughout the entire history of the Speech Language and Hearing Sciences field. As an individual who hopes to pursue a career as an SLP in the future in order to help those with communication disorders, I experience a lot of cognitive dissonance about my ties with the Deaf Community. While I do not think Deaf people who primarily use ASL have a communication disorder, or necessarily need the help of an SLP, I know that there will be instances where I will be working with Deaf individuals in my future. It is my hope that I can use my background in Deaf Culture and ASL when working with Deaf individuals, as to not display any audism and make sure that they feel respected and equal. I have personally witnessed a lot of tension between the SLP field and the Deaf world, and would like to explore this relationship further. It is important to look at both the history of the relationship between the two fields, as well as the current relationship, in order to find ways for the SLP field to make the Deaf community feel included in the future. The experiences Deaf individuals have had with SLP’s were overwhelmingly negative from the start. Although the official field of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences was not recognized until 1925, practices involved in the field can be traced back to the
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