Speech Language and Communication Needs

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Communication is a two way process which allows us to express our thoughts and feelings to others, while allowing us in turn to understand what others are trying to convey to us. Communication involves speech and language (verbal) as well as facial expression, gesture and body language (non-verbal). Communication is an essential life skill for children and young people and it underpins their social, emotional and educational development. (Bercow 2008)

To communicate effectively we must understand and ‘apply’ the ‘rules’ of the structure used in language and be able to vocalise this through speech. We must also hear and understand the speech of others through our ability to listen and to interpret body language and facial
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Being able to communicate through speech and language, but more importantly understand and use communication effectively is critical in supporting and developing the behavioural, emotional and social needs of a child or young person.

But “if there is a difficulty understanding what people say, difficulty speaking or forming sounds or words and using language in appropriate social contexts then this can affect a child’s behaviour and emotional development”. (Speech, Language Communication Action Plan 2011)
In the short term it can result in low confidence, frustration, anger, difficulty in making friends and difficulty in processing new information and low academic achievement.

In the longer term it can seriously affect interpersonal relationships with peers and family with problems tending to increase with age.(Botting et al 2000). It has also been noted that a third of children with communication problems will go on to develop mental illness if untreated. (Clegg et al 1999).
For example, a child with a speech and language impairment such as a stammer will find that their SLCN will impact heavily on their BESD. It can have a negative impact on their academic performance and relationships with their peers and teachers. There is also a growing link between being bullied and having emotional, academic and even physical difficulties. (Communication Trust 2008)

A stammer can be very debilitating for children in a social
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