Speech : ' Love Is Deaf '

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“Love is deaf . . . you can’t just tell someone you love them. You have to show it.” Someone who desires to remain anonymous wrote this quote that directly portrayed my experience. My parents had always told me that they loved me, but because I was young and foolish, I doubted them. When would they ever prove it? Well, my question was answered one day when I least expected it: at school. That day changed my way of thinking for the better. That day I was shown that my parents had always loved me and that they always would. It all started when we went outside for recess. My friend Christine and I were playing with a kickball by the swings. Being only five, we weren 't that great at it, and Christine kicked it over by the swings. I was the…show more content…
For some odd reason, I still remember the ball that I was holding as I was launched into the sand. It was light red with bumps all over it. Maybe it was because I was too scared about what had happened to think about it. I could have focused on something less important instead of concentrating on the important. Maybe it was because I was “angry” at it for causing me to get hit by the swing. I will never know. But what I do know is that I remember exactly how it felt and that every day I replay in my head what happened after that. I stood up and looked around. No one noticed me. No one saw me get hit, not even the boy who threw the swing. I started toward Christine, feeling groggier with each step. When she finally looked over my way, Christine looked at me like I had grown another head. “What?” I asked. I was becoming aware of a warm trickle of liquid slipping down my face when I finally understood. I brought my finger up to my eye and flinched as the pain struck me, the numbness finally wearing off. A teacher spotted me and ran over to me, asking what happened. I was swept off to the nurse’s office where I was laid down and taken care of. The nurse told me that I had a gash above my right eye. She stated that it wasn’t all that bad, but she wanted to call my parents just in case. I rested on the bed as the nurse talked to my parents. Does this happen a lot? Am I going to be okay? Will my parents be mad? These were the thoughts that were racing through my
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