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Speech Minimum 3 minutes. Introduction - Introduce the topic Introduce the ideas you will cover State position (persuasive) Body - 3 paragraphs minimum Explain each idea in detail Elaborate and use examples Conclusion - Finalise, sum up the ideas Reaffirm position Rhetorical There is a dangerous epidemic running through our schools. LIke a dark shadow lurking in the cloak bay, it is waiting for us to come face to face with it. Some of us will embrace it. Some of us will never be allowed. It is contagious. Once it latches onto you, you have the right to spread it around wherever you choose. It can be euphoric yet, I promise you it will be brutal. And still, here we are striving for this at all costs. I’m talking about popularity. My question to you is ‘How far would you go to be popular?” Striving for popularity is dangerous. Now you may be thinking, “being popular is great, what 's wrong with being popular?” But no, that is not just what popularity is about. Popularity is derived from a long-standing historical hierarchal system. It actually dates back centuries where society would categorise people according to their worth in society. Also, known as the Popularity is about being defined and so striving for popularity is a downward spiral beginning with allowing yourself to be defined. I will warn you of the dangers. In fact, I could even go so far as to say popularity is an unattainable myth. Who gets to decide who is popular at school? Ideas
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