Speech - Not Just An Old Persons Disease Essay

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Speech – Not just an ‘old persons disease’

Most people when they hear of arthritis, they initially think it is an 'old person’s disease '. I am here today to explain that this is not the case. How do I know this? At the age of three, the doctor diagnosed me with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. In reality, arthritis affects a wide array of people, all of varying ages and backgrounds. It also does not discriminate who it targets. The people who can get arthritis include children, sports people, the elderly, teenagers - anyone. Today, I will be telling you my story; one that I hope will let you into my life, and my life living with arthritis.

The hospital is a place in which I am very familiar. I have vivid memories of being a small child wandering down the hospital hall, clinging on to my mother’s hand – my eyes wide with apprehension. To this very day, I am still not a fan of hospitals. Then again, who is? I remember the sterile white room at the hospital, the doctors dressed in their sharp white coats and the astringent anti-bacterial smells wafting down the hall. I did not know what to expect.

My story with arthritis and my relationship with the hospital started very young, when I was at the age of three. My parents saw me slightly limping and having trouble walking around the house. On inspection, they noticed my knees were hot, with swelling across both of them. During this day, my right knee joint seized up and I was not able to straighten my leg. Tears started
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