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The entrance of Alcibiades to symposium shifts the dialogue and suggests the reader his speech must be considered separate from the previous speeches. The first five speeches; the speech of Phaedrus, Pausanias, Eryximachus, Aristophanes, and Agathon contradicted each other and were reconciled in Diotima’s speech about love as in between mortal and immortal, in between beauty and ugliness, and in between wisdom and ignorance. To achieve it, one must give birth to true virtue. () However, Alcibiades speech changes the topic of the conversation from praising Eros/love, to praising Socrates. While the topic changed and this speech is separate, Alcibiades’ speech unknowingly to him, illustrates the arguments Diotima made about love by…show more content…
Socrates’ words have a strong effect on Alcibiades, unlike any other, so much so that he makes him feel trapped and as if his political career is a waste. Socrates is the only person who has made him feel shame and a desire to change and pursue good things. However, when he’s away from Socrates he aims to please the crowd. The emotions are strong enough to make Alcibiades want Socrates gone, but he knows he’ll be more miserable if he is. Alcibiades asserts that Socrates pretends to be erotically attracted to beautiful younger men and be completely ignorant, but that these are all covers.In fact, he lives with great moderation, is very wise and has no interest in bodily concerns instead he desires beauty and good things. At one point, Alcibiades became aware of Socrates' great wisdom, he hoped to seduce with his good looks to become Socrates’ beloved in order to learn some wisdom from him. However, when he finds himself alone with Socrates, Socrates just converses with him as he always does, not making any kinds of advances. On one occasion, he went with Socrates to the gymnasium and they wrestled together, alone, but Socrates still made no advances. Alcibiades' best efforts, he has never managed to seduce Socrates as Socrates has no interest at all in physical pleasure. Alcibiades’ frustration is the confusion he ends up feeling with their relationship, where he seems to be the pursuer and Socrates the pursued. The element of role

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