Speech On A Parol Circuit

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Making a parol is really hard especially with lights in it. It was hard and fun at the same time. In order for us to start doing it we designed and make our circuit plan. In doing our parol circuit we trodden with different electronics material like resistor, capacitor, transformer and a lot more. This is not new to me and to others but at the same time my knowledge into it widens. Our parol is one of the biggest and widest it was really hard and we thought that we could not finish it on the allotted time given. But with unity and team work we are able to finish it. All of us have a different role or task to make. I still remember the time that after school we would immediately go to Jake house and finish it. It was exhausting but it is all worth it in the end seeing it light for the first time takes away all of the sweat and tiredness away.

Parallel Circuit
Parallel circuit
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In its simplest form, a capacitor consists of two conducting plates separated by an insulating material called the dielectric. The capacitance is measured in units of Farad (F). The capacitor disconnects current in direct current (DC) circuits and short circuit in alternating current (AC) circuits. Large capacitors are used in the power supplies of electronic equipment of all types, including computers and their peripherals.
Resistors are electronic components which have a specific, never-changing electrical resistance. The resistor’s resistance limits the flow of electrons through a circuit. They are passive components, meaning they only consume power (and can’t generate it). Resistors are usually added to circuits where they complement active components like op-amps, microcontrollers, and other integrated circuits. Commonly resistors are used to limit current, divide voltages, and pull-up I/O lines. The electrical resistance of a resistor is measured in ohms.
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