Speech On Animal Poaching

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Animal Poaching
Animal poaching has a bigger price tag than the trophy sitting on the shelf. Poaching is causing iconic animals of many continents and of our oceans to become endangered or even extinct. These animals that people have come to love and fantasize over may be gone before we are (Africa). Elephants, rhinos, lions, and zebras are the animals thought of the most when it comes to animal poaching, but many animals are poached. They are killed for only one quality, like their horns or skins and the rest of the animal is left behind. Poaching is a massive business that is ran by international networks, it’s estimated to make hundreds of millions of dollars (World). Not all wildlife trade is illegal, but it becomes a crisis when an increasing amount of illegal poaching is done and it directly threatens the survival of species in the wild (World). Since 1960 97.6% of the Black Rhino population in Africa has been poached and lions are extinct in seven African countries (Africa).
Poaching is a worldwide problem because it is affecting the whole food chain, including humans. A year after a logging road went into forest areas in Sarawak, Malaysia, in 2001, not a single large mammal remained (Begley). If one animal goes extinct, then a snowball effect will happen because the animal that depended on the extinct animal for food will have a harder time getting food and eventually that species will die off also, leaving us humans with very little food choices in our future.
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