Speech On Appropriate Behavior And Actions For Social Change Essay

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Where is the line drawn when speaking about appropriate behavior in relation to actions taken place to initiate social change? That question is one I will be looking more in depth and through the use of modern controversial issues, such as the Colin Kaepernick situation and public memory, I will further the understanding of how those issues bring about a positive or negative change. The ability for change and the freedom to speak and act on your will is a major theme and a cornerstone for this country, but on a moral standpoint one must take into account when it is appropriate to bring about these changes and whether or not they are bringing about a social change.
First it is important to fully understand what is meant by appropriate behavior and actions for social change. Sam O’Connell uses two examples of benefit relief concerts, one being America: A Tribute to Heros and the other A Concert for Hurricane Relief, so that we can make our understanding of appropriate behavior and actions for social change more clear. Then he addresses if those concerts actually achieved their goal, or not. The main purpose of these concerts is to raise money and awareness for the victims of the catastrophes. Yet, by the actions of certain individuals the Hurricane Katrina concert doesn’t really seem to achieve its goal but instead an individual uses that opportunity to speak out and make claims that encompass a much larger group of people transitioning the attention away from the Hurricane
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