Speech On Ayurveda Medicine

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Its origins date back to the mythical mystical era when warrior kings ruled Mahabharat, which has now become India. And in the wake of the consequent introduction of Buddhism it found its way in to the Sri Lankan culture as well, changing an entire course of history, evolving later in to a most sought after treatment methodology in medicine due to its unique capabilities in permanent healing.
Yes, we are talking about Ayurveda Medicine. Mind you, not about Ayurvedic spas or massages. Our aim is not to provide you a short lived relaxation or cheap entertainment that might last a couple of hours, but to make you more yourself - again.
A majority of foreign visitors arrive in Sri Lanka to find an Ayurvedic solution for diseases that are decided
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This is largely due to the presence of - excuse the word if it sounds rude – imposters. A qualified Ayurvedic Doctor should at least possess a degree in Ayurveda Medicine from a recognized university in Sri Lanka or India and should have at least five years hands-on experience in providing Ayurvedic treatment for patients.
And among them there are a handful of really gifted people.
The chief incumbent of Raddolugama Shri Pushparamaya Viharaya, (Available in Google Maps) Venerable Maha Alagamuwe Lankananda Thero, popularly known as Venerable Kuswala Veda Haamuduruwo can be respectfully mentioned as one of the best traditional medical practitioners currently residing in Sri Lanka.
His ancestral background roots back to a long line of traditional Ayurvedic doctors and his exceptional performance in healing all kinds of patients has won him international acclaim and prestige.
He conducts his own medical institution - a Weda Medura - in Raddolugama which is only 5 minutes drive away from the airport in Katunaike. In Tuesdays and Fridays he would be in Kandy, taking care of his patients lying helpless in the countryside. During the rest of the week he would be back in Raddolugama, offering his much needed medicinal service for his
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