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Bad Health Habits You Need to Leave in 2017

It’s 2018! This is another great year to start a new beginning. And you’ve written to your New Year’s resolution list that you’ll reach your health and fitness goals this time around.

But before you go hit the gym and start toning and slimming down your muscles, why don’t you assess yourself and list down all of your bad health habits?

Because even if you eat a healthier diet and go to the gym regularly, you can’t be healthy if you still keep doing things that pose a great risk to your health. Leave all these bad health habits behind and become a new you this year.

Having insufficient sleep
Healthy adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep. This is needed so that you have all the energy and function at your best the next day. If you lack sleep every day, it can increase your risk of accidents and injury such as when
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Avoid watching late night shows. Don’t bring your work at home and other things that keep you up late at night. To sleep better, take a hot warm bath, change into comfortable sleeping clothes and turn off the lights.

Not drinking enough water
Water is tasteless so some people are not really fond of drinking water. So they prefer drinking sodas, energy drinks, and juice instead. While energy drinks and fruit juices are alright to drink, only drink these beverages whenever appropriate since energy drinks contain caffeine and fruit juices have sugar. For example, if you have done intense physical activities, drink energy drinks and fruit juices to replace your body’s lost electrolytes.

However, if you want to properly hydrate yourself and you have only done minimal physical activities, drinking water is your best option. You need to drink 8 glasses of water (or more) per day depending on your body weight. Drinking enough water helps you increase your energy levels, flushes all of the toxins away and promote weight loss.

Not eating
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