Speech On Birth Control

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Birth Control and Everybody Around Us
She walks into the living room where all her family was sitting, and they all look at her and ask “what’s the news?”. She was very disappointed in herself she thought how could she let it happen? she was too young at 16, she didn’t have a job, and she didn’t even know if the father was going to be there for her. The family looked concerned as she was about to burst into tears, her eyes filled with sadness, and then she said “I'm pregnant”. They all looked at her in disappointment, they thought she was going to be the one to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse, to actually have a degree, but even though they were disappointed in her they knew that they had to help her raise the baby. She felt upset she didn’t know how she was going to do it while still going to school, she still had two more years ahead, and she was due late May. Even though she had her family who was supporting her she still had to take responsibility for her actions, she had decided that she would have to drop out of school, and start working to take care of her upcoming baby.
This is not something new that you have read their are many young teenage girls who get pregnant who don’t have the money to support the baby, and this has been happening in the U.S. for many years, and no one has really tried to stop it. Young teens are too scared to ask for simple birth control from their parents because they get shamed for having sexual intercourse, so they don’t ask for
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