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Name: Ashley Frederickson Specific purpose statement: To inform my audience about the circadian sleep cycle. Thesis: The circadian rhythm of sleep plays a more important role in your life than you think. Organizational Pattern of main points: Topical Casual Introduction I. A lot happens to your body when you are asleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the appropriate duration of sleep for a healthy young adult is 7 to 9 hours. II. A study conducted at the University of Georgia revealed that the average college student gets about 6 hours of sleep every night due to the overload on activities. This study also found that insufficient sleep affects our health, moods, GPA, and safety. III.…show more content…
(What is Circadian Rhythm?) There are four stages of NREM sleep which takes up about 75% of your sleep at night. Stage 1 (N1) is your light sleep lasting about 5 minutes between being awake and sleeping. Stage 2 (N2) is your first stage of true sleep. Occurring for only 10-15 minutes, your breathing and heart rate are regular, but your body temperature drops, cooling you down. Your memories are then organized for long-term memory storage. Stage 3&4 (N3) is your deepest sleep. Your blood pressure drops, your breathing slows down significantly, and your muscles relax, which increases the blood supply to your muscles. N3 is when tissue growth and repair occurs, your energy is restored, and your hormones are released. REM sleep accounts for around 25% of your sleep time at night. It begins about 90 minutes after you fall asleep and gets longer as the night progresses. REM sleep usually lasts about 10 minutes the first time, and the last cycle of REM can last up to an hour. REM is where dreams occur. Your brain is active, your eyes dart back and forth, and your muscles are turned off so your body is immobile and relaxed. Studies on the subject of rapid eye movement and sleep deprivation have found many things. Lack of rapid eye movement sleep may interfere with long-term memory. A study by Dennis McGinty, Ph.D. Weight problems are associated with a lack of this stage of sleep. University of Pittsburgh study. (Reynolds, T). You may be more sensitive to pain without

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