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One of the most thrilling facts about life on earth is that competition is inevitable. Competition encourages individuals to discover their abilities to succeed and get the best life has to offer, while the rest are left with little or nothing. Competition is a situation in which people or organizations compete for something that not everyone can have. Education, on the other hand, is a process of training, learning and teaching to improve knowledge and develop skills. Since competition exists in all facets of life, then education is no exception. Thus, for education to remain relevant in today's world, the spirit of healthy competition is indispensable. Competition in education raises the bar for schools that are in high demand. Competition in education brings out the best in students, as it stimulates creativity and innovation. Also, competition in education makes teachers do research and become armed with modern knowledge.…show more content…
Little did I know: some of the pupils who were scoring low started to buckle up. Things started to change as everyone wanted to improve. On a faithful Thursday, after the class was over, a group of pupils approached me privately, and the following conversation ensued: Pupil one: Good evening uncle. Please what is the difference between complacent and complaisant? Before I could think of responding, another pupil cuts in. Pupil two: in what situation can we use each of them? I was a bit startled; as I was not expecting such a question. I have only seen and used complacent; however, I have not even seen nor heard the latter. My response was: "Do not worry. I will get back to you tomorrow. I am running late for an appointment." In all honesty, I could not explain the difference at that point. This taught me a hard lesson: if you must teach, be sure to arm yourself with enough knowledge. This is because to remain relevant as a teacher, you must continuously remain a

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