Speech On Constipation

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The proverbial ‘constipated face’ is not funny anymore when you actually get to the business and aren’t able to pass stools no matter how hard you try. Although constipation is not a life-threatening problem as such, it still puts you through a lot of inconvenience.
However, thanks to our natural remedies for constipation, there are various methods with which you can rid yourself of severe constipation right in the comfort of your home. And if taken care in the right way on a long-term basis, you can put a full stop to even chronic constipation. For that relief from constipation that you are yearning for, I suggest you begin with investigating what is constipation in the first place and then moving over to what is causing this ordeal in your body.

How Do You Define Constipation?
Like all other bodily problems in human beings, the inconvenience that comes with constipation is purely subjective and each one has their own
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This calls for immediate medical surveillance.
Causes of Constipation
Now that you have a fair idea of the symptoms of constipation, try finding out what causes constipation in general. Here are the most common factors that could be contributing to your colorectal discomfort.

1. Longer Transit Time
The food you consume quite literally travels a long way from your mouth and exits from the other end of the gastrointestinal tract –the anus. The time it spends during the due course of its journey along the tract is called the Transit Time. For various reasons, under unusual circumstances, the food sometimes spends a longer transit time.

While it is in the gastrointestinal tract, there is constant absorption of water from food that converts liquid food into more solid stools. So, the longerthe transit time, the harder it gets. Ultimately, your rectal muscles that help in pushing the poop out from the anus find it difficult if it is too hard in consistency.

2. Irritable Bowel
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