Speech On Cow Milk

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1. Cow Milk The best and the most sought after of all types of milk is the cow milk. It is considered as a wholesome supplement of protein, bone-building calcium and vitamin D that promote good health. 2. Almond Milk Wish to consume a non-dairy milk on a regular basis, then almond milk can be your pick. Low in calories, low in fat and with a creamy consistency, this milk could be a replacement for your cow’s milk. 3. Hemp Milk It is a non-dairy milk that is rich in protein content. It is not thick in nature and helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. 4. Goat Milk If you are looking for same supplements as cow’s milk, then opt for goat’s milk. Unlike cow’s milk, this has low lactose levels and hence makes it easier to digest. 5.…show more content…
It is rich in protein, carbohydrates and low in fat than most non-dairy milk. It also contains dietary fibers and isoflavones which reduce the risk of cancers. 6. Sheep Milk It is the fourth most produced milk in the world. It is rich in proteins, carbs, fat and many more nutrients. It also contains cancer-fighting ingredients like conjugated linoleic acid making it a suitable milk type. Camel milk, rice milk, hazelnut milk, oat milk, rice milk and coconut milk are few more milk types that are healthy and can be consumed. Apart from these, when it comes to dairy products it is important to choose milk that suits your body type. [ Also Read: Turmeric Milk Health Benefits ] Types Of Milk That Are Available In The Market Raw…show more content…
Drinking a glass of milk for breakfast daily helps in muscle building and reduces body ache caused by intense exercises by retaining fluids and electrolytes. 1. Bone Health Milk strengthens the bones of the body as it contains a high amount of calcium in it. Also present in abundance is Vitamin D that supplements strength to the bones and make them stronger. The bone matter and bone mineral density are dependent on the calcium content of the body. Hence do not make excuses to avail the benefits of drinking milk. 2. Healthy Teeth Structure The milk on consumption protects the enamel surface of the teeth from acidic properties. It will eliminate the harmful effects of carbonated water on the teeth and keep them healthy and glowing. 3. Eye Health Milk is a good source of vitamin A and B, so it’s beneficial for your eyes as well. It boosts the immune system and makes the eyesight normal. 4. Heart Health Since milk also contains potassium, that reduces blood pressure and enhances vasodilation, it can make for an appropriate choice for good heart. Milk helps in normalizing the cholesterol production and works as an anti-acid fluid. Milk contains potassium and phosphorus in abundance which makes it the perfect drink for regulating the blood
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