Speech On Cowboys

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To be a cowboy or to not be a cowboy: that is the question. Before you judge my career choice, I must explain to you that my hometown has been severely hit with the economic problems of soil-exhaustion, and inadequate legislative protection and aid. So in order to help support my family and make it through these hardships, I will become a cowboy, try my luck out west, and hope for the best. While there are many hardships in this line of work, such as the weather and potentially imminent death, there is also a large amount of good that could befall me in my career choice. While some people may think of being a cowboy as a glamorous, roller coaster of fun, they are rudely mistaken. A western cowboy is really just apart of the cattle ranch business. When an animal herder, or a cowboy is to tend to the cattle, it was most often on horseback. There are three main trails that were mainly used to drive on, which is the Goodnight- Loving Trail, the Chisholm Trail, and the Great Western Trail. If I am to become a cowboy, it is expected that I will be working all day in shifts to move the cattle in the morning, and guard them at night. The weather in the west is known to go from being hot and dry, to housing destructive thunder and hail storms. The average drive consists of 3,500 heads of cattle and could require around 18 cowboys to drive a herd hundreds of miles to a rail head. What every cowboy fears and attempts to watch out for is a sudden stampede within the herd
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