Speech On Drinking And Driving

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Me and my family are very close we see eachother everyday and my grandma or mom, of tia (aunt) will cook dinner so we went to my uncle's house and we got done eating and we were just talking and we got a call. My cousin britanya was gonna go out with her friends one night and we got a call from the police saying she had passed away from a car accident, she was drinking and driving it was very devastating to know that that is how she died she ran into a pole and it crushed her from the inside out, it was a very a very hard loss for the family. Losing her was a big eye opener because many people die, from drinking and driving. You never know how it feels when somebody loses somebody that way, but when it happens to your family nobody should…show more content…
The brain reacts to everything like it affects the eye vision and the speech that you speak and it damages memory loss it could damage anything from just two drinks just think before u do something bad. Drinking can affect the brain causing memory loss and can cause u to react to thing slower and impaired memory. U should be able to remember your memories and for whoever is willing to give that up for alcohol is not good because u should want to remember your memories and maybe you have had a bad memory and you are drinking and that is your decision to make upon yourself. I decided to do my essay on teen drinking because it is a very serious matter, 14,000 teens die each year from alcohol like car crashes or homicides teen drinking can do lots of damage because it messes up your life and it messes up your life because their are sign of teen drinking you start hanging out with the wrong people in school and probably soon you will get addicted to drugs and get into lot’s of trouble and start hanging around other people and make bad decisions and it could ruin your life and your future and everybody should think before they do
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