Speech On Endangered Plants Of India

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Before we proceed to learn about the endangered plants and animals, let’s try to understand India as a megadiversity nation.

India is one of the 12 megadiverse countries of the world with holds diverse landscape, flora and fauna, climate, culture etc.

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Before we proceed to learn about the endangered plants and animals, let's try to understand what do we mean by endangered species and their reasons of extinction.

The endangered species are native species which are under threat of total or partial extinction of species in the future. Such extinction of endangered species may or may not be under any biodiversity law, but can be included in the list of endangered species.
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India is considered to be affluent in terms of variety of flora due to range of topography, climatic conditions and ecosystem in the country. India is home to more than 15000 species of flowering plants, which comprise of 6% of total plant species in the world.

However, the proportion of species of plants has significantly come down. As per Encyclopedia of earth, above 8000 plant species are officially threatened or endangered and around one-fourth of all plants species are at some risk.

The two primary causes of destruction of the plant species are due to contribution of global warming and destruction of plant habitat.

Let’s discuss in details some of the ten most threatened plant species in India.

Now that you are familiar with the endangered animals in India, let’s also learn the most endangered plants in
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