Speech On Fat People Are Lazy

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Fat people are lazy. They need to stop eating so much and start exercising. They are couch potatoes. They have no self control. Have you ever heard any of these words spoken by someone? I have an older sister who started gaining weight when she was seven years old, after being hospitalized for a serious health condition. She had to use medications and she believes this is what caused the weight gain. At that early age, it was like she lost complete control of her body, in her teenage years and in her twenties, she tried losing weight in every way possible, to no avail. As a child and through her teenage years and even now as an adult, she has had to put up with the hurtful words people say. I always wished I could shield her, protect her from hearing the nasty things people would say, but I couldn’t. Imagine what this does to a child. Imagine how it hurts their self-esteem. The word “Fat” should never be used unless it is in regards to fat content in food. Despite what many people believe, a lack of self-control isn’t the only reason for weight gain; an under-active thyroid is a health condition that causes weight gain, making it very difficult to lose weight, and yet, overweight people are often bullied or discriminated against.
People are often quick to judge an individual who is overweight, not thinking about the fact that it could be a health condition that makes weight loss difficult, if not impossible. There are a variety of health conditions that can cause weight gain
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