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We live in an age of progress, though it sometime may feel as though we are quite the contrary. Many politicians and public icons talk of banning speech that they consider as “offensive language”, even going as far as to berate anybody who has used the word in the past. This seems out of the ordinary, as the United States’ First Amendment was created to oppose censoring language deemed as offensive, in favor of freedom of expression. So why are we moving towards the opposite? Hate speech, or any other “offensive language”, should remain under Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech helps the world progress. This is why Germans in the 1960’s to the 1980’s fled from the socialistic Eastern half to the Democratic Western half of their divided land. Man, by nature, values personal freedoms over most else (Moore). In Senior Fellow Thomas G. Moore’s essay On Progress, he talks about how humankind gravitates to more free societies. When a country is controlled by a single-party or autocratic government, its citizens have virtually all personal freedoms taken from them. All media is censored to some extent, freedom of speech is almost nonexistent, and often one or no religion is obligatory within the country’s borders. Soviet Russia was a prime example, as when it was still maintaining control over Northern Asia and Eastern Europe, millions of its people attempted to escape, with hundreds of thousands successful at doing this. A more modern example would be many of the Middle

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