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Graduation Speech
Greetings fellow graduates, teachers and staff, local law enforcement, Kirkland, Family Members, and those who were forced to come. As you probably know I am Adolfo Reynaga and it’s a distinct honor that I’ve been chosen to represent my class as senior speaker. Tonight, we celebrate a huge milestone within our lives that we will always share, walking down this stage, giving a sweaty handshake, and receiving a piece of paper. To many this was a very difficult four years, four years, people worked so hard just for this night, four years that we will one day remember as “the easy days”. The carefree days where all we had to worry about was homework, getting home before curfew, and keeping up with the Kardashians. Now before we go off to the next chapter in our lives, it will all be a different experience for all of us, some of us will be attending a university, trade school, joining the military, or entering the workforce, or become lucky and be the next Jake Paul, but no matter what path we choose or where life directs us to, we will always have one thing that will connect us all, Our Yucaipa high. As I go on with my speech, I would like to share my experiences and life stories that helped shape me to who I am now, a Yucaipa High School graduate.
I would like to start off with my time in elementary school, I went to the notoriously known Calimesa Elementary. I say that because not many people know about the school and because it’s rated ⅗ on,
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