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Have you ever heard the quote, “You have a choice. You can throw in the towel or use it to wipe the sweat off your face”? Well, this is what comes to mind of when I had to use pure grit to accomplish a goal I had in mind. Grit had me accomplish something I never knew I could achieve and even gain more than what I thought I would.
My journey all started at my soccer practice with my team, Washington Premiere. When
I heard my teammates talking about tryout for EPD. I walked over and asked, “What is this EPD? And why are you guys trying out?”
“You serious Andyn?” Tommy yelled, “it’s a pool of players of the best players in Washington. Only 30 spots!” We went on talking about what we would do if we made it and no doubt I was all in for trying out. I rode home with my Dad and he happened to hear about it too, I got signed up as soon as I got home. What I didn’t know is that it was the next morning in Tukwila and I was nervous as all could be. I woke up filled with energy at 7 in the morning and ready to show the coaches what I could do. The ride there took forever and made me even more anxious to run and most importantly to play. I promise you there had to be 200 kids trying out or even more, the amount of kids could fill up 3 fields! “You have your work cut out for you son”, my Dad chuckled. My stomached must have turned upside tying my cleats up. But I gave my all in every pass, shot and defending opportunity. It just wasn’t enough to spark the coaches interests that year.

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