Speech On Herbal Medicine

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Over the past few decades, herbal drugs have become more popular among the people in the world. A regular and widespread use of herbs throughout the world has increased serious concerns over their quality, safety and efficacy. Further about 80% of world population depends on herbal preparations for primary healthcare needs. In many developed countries, 70 to 80 per cent of the populations have used some form of complementary or alternative medicines composed primarily of herbal medicines (Firenzuoli, 2007). Herbal medicine is termed as "the people's medicine" because of their easy accessibility and the mode with which they can be prepared. Use of herbal medicines in the treatment of diseases has a long tradition of use when compared to conventional medicines.

3.1 Herbal medicine and hepatoprotective activity

Liver is a vital organ, which play a major role in the metabolism and excretion of foreign particles from the body. Liver disorders are caused by infection, wrong food habits, drugs and chemicals. Herbal remedies are prescribed for most of the liver
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It is also used as an ingredient in paan. It is an Indian and South East Asian tradition of chewing betel leaf with areca nut and slaked lime paste. Fodder: Branches of the tree are quite often cut for goat fodder and are fed to cattle. Fuel: The tree is often planted for use as firewood and its wood is highly valued for furniture and tools. Timber: Timber is used for agricultural implements and wheels. Spent chips left over after extraction of katha and cutch can be used for the manufacture of hardboards. Tannin or dyestuff: cutch, which is marketed as a solid extract, is isolated from the heartwood. Catechu extract is also used for dyeing silk, cotton, canvas, paper and leather to a dark-brownish color. Gum or resin: The bark exudes a light gum of very good quality and is one of the best substitutes for gum Arabic (Singh and Lal,
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