Speech On Importance Of Nap Time

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Oscar Bencomo

Mrs. Stanton

English Comp II

October 8, 2014

Importance of Nap Time People tend to get drowsy throughout the day and everyone has their way of dealing with the grogginess. The best and most natural way is to simply take a nap. It is like taking a mini-vacation. People close their eyes to get away from reality and awake with energy to push them through the day. A nap is essential to keep the mind sane, it contributes to good performance, alertness, productivity, and emotional balance which eliminates stress.
In the United States people are becoming sleep deprived. The National Sleep Foundation, Sleep in America poll showed that U.S. adults got 6.9 hours of sleep in 2005. The averages are down by two hours from the same poll in 2003. College student’s lifestyle promotes lack of sleep; staying up all night to study for exams and finish homework due the next day. This deprivation results in poor alertness, productivity, and performance which cause poor grades. Employees also face this situation. Putting off sleep to meet the demands of deadlines makes for performance to go down. In the blue-collar work force, sleep deprivation can be dangerous. An employee 's poor alertness can cause an accident that can cost a company money or a life.
A survey done in April 2013 statistically showed that 48 percent of Americans do not get enough sleep. Men are more likely to ignore the effects of sleep deprivation, while women are more cautious to fulfill their need of…
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