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Should iPads be used in Prep??? Good Morning/Afternoon ladies and gentleman. My name is Angelica Orfanos and today I will be talking to you about the extended use of iPads in the early years of schooling, specifically in the Prep year level. I am arguing that the use of iPads in Prep classrooms does not produce the same results as the using pen and paper. As we now live in an era of quickly evolving technology there is a current trend nowadays that the use of iPads in schools should be encouraged and this trend is filtering down to the Prep year level. The onus of proof lies on me to prove that that this accepted expectation is not beneficial to ones learning in younger grades. I feel iPads shouldn’t be given to 4 and 5 year olds to use on a daily basis in a classroom in their first year of schooling. They are distracting for the kids and don’t help the kids learn any faster or make learning more thorough. Firstly, the use of technology such as computers or iPads is detrimental to their health. Rather than being a benefit it has…show more content…
I agree with this, students need the support and the individual instruction that a teacher can provide in order to succeed. Using apps on iPads is a one size fits all model. In order to learn each student needs a program that can be modified on the spot to cater to their needs. In the article ‘What to expect in toddler years’, Eisnsberg, Murkoff and Hathaway write that while children learn while using iPads, the benefits are only temporary as they don’t retain the information. Anker in ‘The iPad isn’t you babysitter’ warns that learning with an iPad is not the same with using books to learn. When reading books children normally sit together and build a relationship with each other. They also develop a sense of self-worth. The problem with computer savvy kids is that they cannot interact in a healthy and meaningful way in
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