Speech On Learning Foreign Languages

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Informative Speech Working Outline
Topic: Learning Foreign Languages
Purpose: To inform my audience a few ways to learn how to speak the foreign languages.

Attention Getter: Imagine yourself at a different country that you have never visit before. What will it be like? You see different people that may not know how to speak English, buildings that looks unfamiliar, and signs with different writings. If the country is very interesting to you or you seem to want to learn more about the culture, you may first want to start with asking yourself, “How will I learn the Foreign Languages?”
Reason to Listen: If interested, I will be giving you tips and ideas on learning how to speak other languages. I want my audience to understand that learning any foreign languages will really help them to become smarter. Credibility Statement: I chose this topic, because learning foreign language really connects to me, which I am always interested in speaking other languages. Whenever I watch Chinese movies and Korean dramas, I have always wanted to learn how to speak their languages and use their sounds and writings, which I think it’s very unique.
Thesis Statement: There are many ways and reasons to learn how to speak in any foreign languages.

I. First Main Point: According to Steven Wong, learning any foreign languages is very important.
a. First, going back to your childhood, you learned your own language from your parents and relatives. Then in high school, you should…
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