Speech On Love It Is The Most Important

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In The Symposium Diotima’s speech on love it is the most important, therefore she should be the last speech to help impact the overall meaning. Although, she actually is not the last speech, Alcibiades is. This leads to questioning over why Alcibiades is at the end if the speech is just drunken madness. Diotima’s speech focuses on love and places important emphasis on the idea of beauty pertaining to love. She also focuses on the way a boy and a man’s relationship are centered around love because of the mentorship that they obtain with each other. It does not make sense in a book about love to have the ending be Alcibiades drunk confessing his love for Socrates.Bataille has led me to the belief that it does make sense for Alcibiades to be the end of the Symposium because of the objective for humans to reach continuity through a drunken state of being. After reading Erotism, Diotima cannot be the final speech in The Symposium. Diotima could often be read as the most important speech in The Symposium, therefore she should be the last speech because her speech is based around the conception of love. Socrates begins to question Diotima about what love actually is. She says: “I think that’s why love struck you as beautiful in every way: because it is what is really beautiful and graceful that deserves to be loved, and this is perfect and highly blessed; but being a lover takes a different form which I have just described.” When someone loves something beautiful, they long for
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