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An ultimate money saver is a vacation in your own back yard. Set a few guidelines for what your family may and may not, during the vacation, these could include the following: Turn off the phones, the computers and the TV and ban cooking, cleaning, laundry, work and stress.

The whole family should set these priorities together and spend time planning for fun instead, e.g. find plenty of ideas in the following chapters “Entertainment” on page 81 and “Leisure Activities” on page 82. Transportation & Communication
Transportation may be a considerable expense depending on where you live, need to travel and your options, since most of us have a car, let us study saving alternatives in this area.

Lowering gas consumption may start
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Previously, the cost of phone, internet, etc. could be quite expensive, nowadays you just need to keep an eye on the bill and occasionally check for new and improved deals. If you communicate with other countries, using email, Skype, Facebook, etc. will be close to free of cost, perfect if you are studying or working abroad. Also, consider a local SIM card.

One mistake is buying more internet capacity as well as telephone services than needed, e.g. you need to compare actual consumption with the subscription, to avoid paying too much.

The same goes for phones and computers, i.e. you can easily buy a phone or a PC that is much faster and has much more storage capacity than you need. Whenever renewing these items, check that you only buy what is needed, e.g. PCs and smart phones allow you to check which resources they utilize.

Some feel the need for the newest and smartest gadget, phone, computer, etc. this is an expensive habit, so, wear out your gadgets before buying new. Remember that yesterday’s hottest phone or computer can be bought for a fraction of the original cost today, even as new, however, the savings will be considerably higher if buying
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