Speech On My Hair Thinning

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Sometimes as stylist we give advice that we don’t take as well as we should. We will over bleach, forget to trim our own hair, grab whatever food we can shovel in our mouth and the sad truth way too many in the beauty industry smoke cigarettes. But the real truth our body and what we do to our body has a great impact on the health of our hair. The next questions come from so many people I thought I have to address this now.

Why is my hair thinning?

Why is my hair thinning? What can I do about my thinning hair? My hair is falling out what can I do? Let’s pretend for a moment you are sitting in my chair. There are some questions I have to ask.

How old are you? My husband once told me when I certain age everything changes. Sadly as we approach
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Stress can be a huge factor in hair loss. Stress can cause us to loss sleep, change our eating habits, and it raises your stress hormones. So, even though life is filled with stress we have to find ways to manage that stress. Exercise, prayer, mediation, taking time out for ourselves or talking to someone can be some great ways to lower our stress level.

What shampoo, products and chemicals are you putting on your hair? Any time you bleach, color, perm or straighten your hair if not done with care and using the most gentle products and methods available not only can you see hair loss, but you can actually do damage to the scalp and that damage can make growing new hair difficult. Some shampoos, conditioners, hair styling are loaded with proteins, silicons and preservatives that can cause hair loss. Talk to your stylist about what products you are using.

How do you wear your hair most days? Your style could be causing you hair loss. Once when I was a little girl my mom came home and she had massive hair breakage. Upon a quick inspection we figured out her hair loss was caused by the hard hat she was wearing for work. One thing I see daily in my chair is breakage from tight pony tails, and the wrong pony tail
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