Speech On My Head Fall Into My Hands

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I just let my head fall into my hands. I thought it would be a short break from teaching. Every time Mr. Frieble explained essays and projects, it was a break—a few minutes where I just had to take in words. Not analyze or respond or worry about my daily participation grade, just listen. In fact, I could usually just read off the instruction sheet, so I didn’t even have to listen. And usually, I knew what was coming. I signed up for writing when I signed up for this class, and I have absolutely no regrets about it. Both Make the Private Publics and the Speaking of Difficulty speeches were heavily referenced before hand, so it wasn’t a lunch in the gut when Mr. Frieble assigned the five page research essay. Although our class bonded over groaning about the CRJs, they were pretty manageable after the first few rough ones. Better yet, they did help build my rhetorical analysis skills. Every assignment I recall for the class had a purpose, and while the assignments were arguable harder than necessary, they made for good character building. The two weeks of four CRJs turned boys into men through the topics of torture, enmity, alcoholism, and culminated with Hitler. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t even a class where I could count on hard work paying off. Sure, I payed attention and raised my hand enough during class discussions that my Daily Participation boosted me, but everything else required gambling that hard work and time would work. At times, I stared…

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