Speech On My Head Fall Into My Hands

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I just let my head fall into my hands. I thought it would be a short break from teaching. Every time Mr. Frieble explained essays and projects, it was a break—a few minutes where I just had to take in words. Not analyze or respond or worry about my daily participation grade, just listen. In fact, I could usually just read off the instruction sheet, so I didn’t even have to listen. And usually, I knew what was coming. I signed up for writing when I signed up for this class, and I have absolutely no regrets about it. Both Make the Private Publics and the Speaking of Difficulty speeches were heavily referenced before hand, so it wasn’t a lunch in the gut when Mr. Frieble assigned the five page research essay. Although our class bonded…show more content…
At times, poor grades made me question whether or not I should just take Intro to Business or Accounting instead of doubling in English. At times, I wonder whether I would receive above average ever for a timed writing after my third five in a row. On the MC test the first week of school, I scored a 70%—not bad for my first test, and still higher than some peers ever scored. On the same test taken months later, I scored a 70%. I saw the grade. I closed my eyes, let my head fall into my hands, and rubbed my temples. I know I wasn’t asleep during the class. I know I had it in me to score higher—I scored a 93% on the second MC test. I know all the answers are right there and if I use my analysis skills, there is no reason I should miss questions. I still did. On the other hand, I started off with a 95% on the first CRJ but an 80% on the second. I was at the deciding point of my grade two weeks in. An A would not come easy, and there was no guarantee it would come. The night before, I wrote part of my CRJ in between the warm up and the race at a cross country meet. The night before that, I spent the better part of my night coughing up pastel dust trying to finish a piece for the next day. I have more commitments than just grades. I went through a mini crisis seeing my grade. I could settle for 80s and recline back through the class, or I could actually work
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