Speech On Noise Pollution

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Noise pollution is becoming an increasing problem in urban life and there is no doubt that road traffic is one of the greatest contributors. Noise on city roads is growing fast and exceeding human tolerance limits due to increase in vehicle population and poor maintenance of roads as well as vehicles.
The ambient noise levels of busiest intersections of Gwalior city have been measured and following conclusion are drawn.
1. The noise levels at all observation sites are well above the acceptable limits. The acceptable limits are as follows:- Table no. 3.9 [AMBIENT AIR QUALITY STANDARDS IN RESPECT OF NOISE]
Category of zones Day time limits in dB(A) Night time limits in dB(A)
Industrial area 75 70
Commercial area 65 55
Residential area 55 45
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Unwanted use of ambulance siren is also a major factor of noise pollution in the Gwalior.
10. Main problem on the road of Gwalior is encroachment of roads by shopkeepers and hawkers. This leads to reduction in road width and create vehicular traffic congestion and results in large number of noise pollution. This creates the narrow width of roads which are responsible for noise pollution. This is known as CANYON effect.
11. Excessive sound will create physiological and psychological damages to human beings like mental stress, poor-concentration, cardiovascular diseases etc.

4.2 Measures to Control Noise Pollution
Noise level at all the sites in Gwalior city, considered in this work, is well above the acceptable limits of tolerance. Therefore immediate steps are required to be taken to check the problem. Following are some measures which can control some amount of noise.
• Standards should be decided to maintain the condition of roads and vehicles. And they should be properly implemented.
• The design of old vehicles should be changed example tempo, auto rickshaw etc. Noise creating vehicles should not be allowed.
• Vehicles older than 15 years should not be allowed.
• Entries of commercial vehicles, buses, trucks etc. should be prohibited in residential
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