Speech On Oral Piercing

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Body piercing may sound like a new-age art but the truth is that we have been practicing it for centuries. Have you ever realised that even your earring hole is a form of body piercing? It is the most common form of body piercing practiced. In India, women routinely pierce their nostrils too. Instances of body piercing have been found in the Bible as well as in Egyptian Mummies.

Body piercing is the piercing of a body part in order to wear jewelery in the opening created. Does that sound crazy? For millions of teenagers and even older people, it is the biggest fashion accessory. People may undergo piercing for a number of reasons. While the most popular reason is aesthetics, sometimes people may pierce for religious, cultural, or sexual reasons.
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Ask for studs in the lip to be placed in a neutral space along the lower gum line. This will prevent damage around the mouth area. Tongue piercing needs to be angled such that they do not catch in the palate on the roof of your mouth or the sublingual web along the bottom. Acrylic rather than metal jewellery is considered safest for the mouth region. This is because metal can easily chip teeth and cause injuries.

According to the Association of Professional Piercers, when properly performed, an oral piercing procedure will last only for a few seconds and involve no bloodshed or swelling. People with oral piercings are advised not to share plates and other eating utensils. Though the mouth is exposed to a variety of germs, the saliva has several antimicrobial factors that can easily defend you against these pathogens. However, if you go to an unsafe clinic or you default on your aftercare, there can be severe complications. Pain and bleeding, infections, dental and heart problems, injury due to swallowing the jewelery, drooling, and bad breath are some of the risks. The American Dental Association is against oral piercing and deems it a public health hazard. Some gruesome photographs only intensify the
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