Speech On Origin Of Yoga

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Table of Contents
Part 1
Origin of Yoga
Evolution through centuries
Benefits of Yoga
Practice of Yoga
Aum – The Yoga chant
Principles of Yoga
• Asana
• Pranayama
• Drishti
Part 2
The Nine Dhrishtis
Ajna Chakra/ Broomadhya
Nabi Chakra
Parsva Drishti
Parsva Drishti
Angustha Ma Dyai
Urdhva or Antara Drishti

Part 1
Origin of Yoga
The practice of Yoga dates back to thousands of years ago and is believed to have been introduced to the world by a person who was known as Adiyogi. Adiyogi, more famously know as Lord Shiva himself, was first seen in upper parts of the Himalayas, where he was seen in a mystic self-transcendence. Seeing him in this state seven seekers sought to be his disciples and learn the practice of Yoga that would lead them to this transcendence too. Adiyogi accepted these seven people as his disciples and became the first guru ever known to mankind, Aadi Guru. The seven discliples learned and practiced Yoga from the Aadi Guru and then set to travel to different parts of the world to impart their learning.
Yoga thus became knowledge which was imparted through practice and
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If we start gazing at the right side, then both the pupils turn towards the right and we gain knowledge of the article on the right side. If one has to gaze at the tip of the nose with both the eyes, then the left pupil gazes at the right and the right at the left. Thus, the movement of both the pupils is made in opposite direction and not in a parallel manner. This creates strain on the eyes which is generally never there. The muscles are also stretched in a different manner than usual. This affects the brain. Hence, in such a drishti, the concentration of the brain is achieved fast and with more ease. So the drishti is studied with the aim of achieving concentration of the
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