Speech On Overcoming The Language Barrier

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Overcoming the Language Barrier
Rebecca A. Haug
University of Nebraska- Lincoln

General Purpose: To inform.
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the basic pieces which will help them overcome the language barrier issue in the workplace.


Attention Getter: A survey taken by Rosetta Stone says 90 percent of organizations struggle with the language barrier being a communication block within their business. (Talented Development, 2015) Our textbook says that communication is one of the most vital skills employers look for in potential employees. (Alder, Emhorst & Lucas, 2013) A company could have an amazing professional staff, however if there is a lack of communication, the group simply cannot work to their best potential. Communication is essential. When we communicate, we share our thoughts, opinions and ideas. Language barriers between two individuals trying to collaborate can make working hard and unsuccessful.
Credibility Statement: I have put a substantial amount of research into this topic.
Thesis Statement: Through my research I have found that by using knowledge and teamwork, we can overcome language barriers.
Preview of Main Points: To help you all understand, first I want to discuss
1- Company higher ups knowing when there is a language barrier, secondly,
2- Making plans for meetings to overcome the language barrier, and finally,
3- Figuring out after the matter meetings to stay up to date with language news and upcoming technologies.
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