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It’s only natural to head straight for your medicine cabinet when you feel a headache coming on, but did you know that you’re actually putting yourself in danger by relying on painkillers every time you have a migraine or eye fatigue? Overconsumption of painkillers can - and almost always does - lead to the body developing a tolerance to them, which makes your regular dosage ineffective, meaning you have to increase the number of painkillers you take to get rid of your headache. This, in turn, can cause you to develop an addiction to painkillers, something that about 10% of Americans are believed to suffer from.

In order to avoid becoming reliant on painkillers - and to ensure they are effective when you do use them - you should always try
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In Buddhism and Hinduism, the third eye grants the ability to see what others can’t and generally leads to a higher consciousness and a more peaceful, fulfilling life. The concept of the third eye is so complex that trying to comprehend it can give you a pretty serious headache, but, to give the whole thing a Holy Trinity level of confusion, your third eye may also be the cure for that headache. Confused? Let me explain.

The Yintang point, also referred to as “the third eye”, is located right between the eyebrows. Placing pressure on the Yintang point eases the eye fatigue caused by looking at a screen all day, so office workers, writers, and social media junkies might want to pay special attention to this one.

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Tian Zhu

If you’re one of the 28 million Americans who are left deabilited by migraines, you should pay careful attention to this entry. In cases of severe sinusitis and migraines that refuse to subside, bypass all previously mentioned pressure points and go straight to the Tian Zhu points.

The Tian Zhu points are unique in that they are located on the back of head. They rest just above the sides of the neck, where the spine runs into the hairline. Applying pressure to the Tian Zhu points will ease, and, in some cases, eradicate migraines so that you no longer have to spend hours lying in a darkened room when you’re supposed to be working. The one downside of the Tian Zhu points is that it can be a challenge to reach them by yourself, so you may need a family member or particularly obliging colleague to squeeze them for you.

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