Speech On People With Disability

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When a person we love is born with a medical condition or diagnosed with a medical condition. There so many question that arises like - What will happen to their future? What does this mean for their future? How are we going to help them? Well they cope in the real world? How do we deal with someone who is different form others? The term ‘disabled’ is mainly associated with people diagnosed with different kinds of physical and mental conditions. But the main question is that, Are we right in calling them disabled?
The first thing that comes to our mind which distinguishing someone as ‘disabled’ is the action itself. People aren’t and shouldn’t be distinguished as anything. People with physical or mental conditions are differently
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People with disabilities have varying levels of independence. We should never assume someone with a disability has a low-level. If someone looks like they’re struggling, we should always ask before we help. A person may welcome our help, or they may ask that you let him or her be independent; but even if they looks like they are struggling, they may just want to become more independent, which requires practice in everyday situations. Sometimes it might be an eye-opening experience to see someone with a disability in public. However, we should try to understand that people with disabilities have lives just like everyone else. We are certainly allowed to look, but we should never stare at a person with a disability. We should just simply view them the way we view others. People with disabilities have a right to privacy. They are not obligated to tell us about their disability. If someone does tell us about his or her disability, we should never assume that he or she is comfortable with us telling other people about his or her disability. First we should always ask permission to discuss the disability before we do…show more content…
She believes in the rights based approach and dignity of all human beings. She has been a part of the disabled people's movement and is connected to other disabled rights activists across India. Her special interest is women with disabilities. She has conducted many workshops and presented papers in various seminars and conference in both national and international forums like International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (ISAAC), British Council etc. She has been congratulated by the West Bengal Commission for Women on the International Women’s Day. She received the the Role Model Award form the Office of the Disability Commissioner, Government of West Bengal. She has also been congratulated by Telegraph, Friends FM and other
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