Speech On Power Of Hate

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The Power of Hate
Good morning, fellow classmates, faculties, mom, and dad. It’s my honor to stand here and deliver the last speech of this semester.
I hate to say this, but to be honest I hate to be forced to stand here on the podium. I hate to be the center of all attention and speak about the topic of hatred. I hate to bring negative emotions to my audiences and ruin their days by delivering my senior speech.
I hate to be hateful, but hate attracts me for its tainted beauty and I am so obsessed with it that even if all people around me keep on telling me hating is useless, I will still run through the flame and embrace it.
Unlike dislike, hate is a more intense and long-lasting negative perception of thing we do not feel comfortable with. Because physical fights are not favored in most moral standards, they are often suppressed by punishments which prevents them from developing and lock them in their rudiments, hatred. When the outburst is prohibited and all emotional trash accumulate, people begin to fall into the tendency to devalue their targets. From now on, every action of the person you hate is making him more stupid and hateful in your perception, which drives your hatred to a higher level. This cycle continues to repeat itself and finally at some point you feel like the existence of the person is just a hilarious mistake resulted from a misplaced biological process and now with a delusion of absolute upright you feel it’s your responsibility to clean this jerk
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