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So you may be saying to yourself, “Of course! Why wouldn't it be?”. Well what if it isn't? What if using green products isn't the best way of keeping the environment as a whole healthy? I will thoroughly explain the answers to these questions. Based on information I have efficiently gathered, I will have to say that I believe it is both mandatory, but not making the greatest impact it should. My reason for my opinion is that recycling is crucial when it comes to keeping environment healthy by reducing pollution and by preventing dangerous and contaminated waste (or at least making it healthy), but articles have said that it's still regularly more costly for districts to reuse family household waste than to send it to a landfill. Recycling companies are forced into closing or canceling plans for mostly new technologies. There are many reasons why recycling is making a positive difference on our environment and even ourselves, but yet there are reasons why it’s not. What big difference is recycling making? “While it’s true that the recycling message has reached more people than ever, when it comes to the bottom line, both economically and environmentally, not much has changed at all. Despite decades of exhortations and mandates, it’s still typically more expensive for municipalities to recycle household waste than to send it to a landfill. Prices for recyclable materials have plummeted because of lower oil prices and reduced demand for them overseas. The slump has forced some recycling companies to shut plants and cancel plans for new technologies.” said John Tierney is his article, “The Reign of Recycling”. What Mr.Tierney was saying in this paragraph was that recycling isn't making impact that it should. We have been doing a good job on contacting the public on the importance of reusing materials, however, even though companies who address recycling are doing a great job on spreading the message to bring change, Mr.Tierney’s view is that not much has changed over the years, which I have noticed for a while as well. Andrew Handley made an article, “10 Ways Recycling Hurts the Environment”, where he states, “People talk about recycling like it’s some sort of superhero—just by throwing that plastic

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