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Whether it’s an old refrigerator or prescription medicine, there are probably items cluttering your home just because you don’t know how to get rid of them properly. To get your home back in order, we’ve put together this list which outlines how to dispose of or recycle these ten common household items you just don’t know what to do with.Not only will getting rid of some of this clutter help make room for anything new you’ve purchased, but it will also make you feel good that you’re not just moving the clutter to the landfill. 1. Medicine In addition to cluttering your medicine cabinet, unneeded or expired prescriptions can be dangerous. We used to be encouraged to flush these unwanted pills down the toilet, but this is no longer the best route. Commit to cleaning out your medicine cabinet regularly and drop prescriptions off at a pharmaceutical take-back event, which are typically hosted by local law enforcement agencies or hospitals. 2. Appliances From toasters to washing machines, appliances that are in good working condition can be donated to a church or a childcare center, and could qualify for a tax write-off. If the appliance doesn’t work, consider recycling it through a certified e-waste recycler, or see if the EPA’s Energy Star Program offers a rebate for recycling the item. 3. Books and Magazines Instead of tossing unwanted books and magazines into the recycling bin (or, worse yet, the trash pile), consider donating them to your local library. Another option is

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