Speech On Recycling Waste

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Recycling waste products should be more popular than as of currently. Recycling is a process which turns old materials into new ones. There are many benefits of recycling our waste products. First, it could help preserve our resources and protect wildlife. Second, it could greatly reduce the amount of energy we use to make products from new, raw materials. Third, the amount of trash in landfills could be minimized significantly. Lastly, one could make more income since most American recycling facilities will buy your trash for their recycling activities. There are many reasons people don’t put effort into recycling but should. One major reason people don’t recycle is because it “takes to much effort” when all it really takes is a few extra bins and separation of waste from their home. Another reason is that it’s inconvenient; people don’t like having to separate their trash into separate bins in order to be recycled. Misinformation about overfilling landfills is also a reason recycling is not typical amongst cities. They’re convinced that recycling does not actually help and that landfills will overflow anyway when in actuality, just one family of four recycling their waste could keep about two tons of waste out of their local landfill per year. Recycling is important, not just for cities and neighborhoods, but the whole world. Not recycling our waste could result in devastating effects all over the world; such as global warming. Whether or not you believe global warming
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