Speech On Rising Sea Level

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1. Why is it important to analyze your audience as you prepare your speech?

Everyone has different views, religion, values, and beliefs as many will hold one more important than others and conflict with others. This leads the audience to biases in listening to the speaker therefore may not listen attentively or care about the speech. Thus as a speaker you must know your audience is as a person, their love, views, values, and beliefs to use it to entice them to listen and care. After all it is the only way you can get your audience to listen attentively, achieve the goal of them caring about it and get them to think or do what it is you want them to do.

For example, if I have to give a speech about rising sea level in an audience of environmentalists, engineers or scientist, then I will have to give an informative speech with new, interesting, and intriguing information since they are most likely experts in the field. If I have to give a speech to the general public, then I would make a persuasive and informative speech to get the audience to care and understand the importance helping stop the rising sea level so they understand and act upon solving it. This is due to certainty many don’t care or understand the issue. Let’s say I am at a special occasion in the future to celebrate the stop in sea level, I could have a speech for this special occasion, but also add on a motivational informative and persuasive to why keep fighting to protect the world or else it will happen…
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