Speech On Road Safety

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90 % of Indians are asking this question as they think that wearing helmet is an extra burden along with other burdens they carry in their daily life. People give lots of explanation for not wearing helmet while riding bike. In spite of hearing /reading all those accident incidents in news, bike riders still say no to helmet. Some think riding bike is adventures and exciting with no helmet, for some it’s highly irritating, some thinks that carrying helmet wherever they go is highly impossible. They have seen loss of life due to accidents which could have avoided by wearing helmet and suffering of accident victim’s family only in news paper. I just wish that no one experience loss of life especially due to ignorance.

Every year around 1.2 billion people had been into accident in which half of accidents are bike related. Global Status Report on Road safety states that India is one of the leading countries in road accidents. This
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In tropical countries if we stuck in traffic it’s difficult and we should suffer all these heat and sweat. To avoid that plan your office timing, look for peak hours and start from home earlier which will help to avoid traffic to some extent.

We can do nothing for unconditional roads rather than waiting for the government to solve the problem. In that case we should drive carefully in optimum speed.

Face shield in helmet gets affected by road dust, pollution, rain, heat; and gives blurred vision. So change the face shield or helmet itself as it is not safe to wear blurred vision helmet while driving.

Driving faster is not fun and it is hazardous to you as well as to others. Carrying helmet is bit difficult but losing life is even more difficult. Keep in mind. Short or long trips helmet is must , we can’t say only long trips get into accident. We don’t know what will happen the very next moment, so taking precautionary measures is always
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