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Throughout my short life I have discovered some things about myself, and others I am still discovering. One of my real passions in life is sports, either playing sports or watching sports. I am very passionate about some of my favorite sports teams which include the Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Colts, Butler University basketball and Chelsea Football Club. These sports have dramatically transformed over the years, from the influx of revenue that the leagues yield, to the global television coverage of each event. Sports in this world have never been bigger and they will continue to grow. The changing technology in this world allows for all of these sports to be televised and can be seen by many. However, one constant in the sports world…show more content…
The selfie is a phenomenon that has completely swept the globe. Almost everyone has taken at least one selfie in their lifetime by now. If you have not taken a selfie, then you have not lived some say. Selfie have revolutionized the picture taking game forever. Nowadays, every mobile phone or laptop is equipped with a front facing camera for just this reason. Now, anyone can take a picture of themselves at any time they want. Lonely people who are afraid to ask strangers to take a picture of them can now take selfies. People can now awkwardly pose and take pictures of themselves. Another revolutionary aspect of photography, that goes hand in hand with selfies, are selfie sticks. Selfie sticks are even further progressed photography and the selfie game. People can now take group selfies and get everyone in the shot together. Selfie sticks are extremely cheap and usually collapsible. Selfie sticks have made it so that the phone is much farther away from the people, capturing their hole bodies and not leaving anything else out. You can get a selfie stick almost anywhere, especially in Barcelona. It seems like any of the tourist sites in Barcelona have people selling selfie stick for around three to five Euro. In regards to the selfie, I believe that it is a phenomenon that will never go away. People all around the world will continue to take selfies. As for selfie sticks, I think that they are a trend and will die down in a few years. Also, it seems that phone are getting so big these days, people will not be able to hold their huge phone on a flimsy selfie stick. Plus, people just look completely ridiculous with a selfie stick and are subject to public
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